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Data Cube Solutions

OEA will support data cube deployments around the globe. Examples include data cube solutions in Africa, Pacific Islands, USA, Latin America, and Asia.

The Open Data Cube (ODC) Google Sandbox is a free and open programming interface that connects users to Google Earth Engine datasets. The open source tool allows users to run Python application algorithms using Google's Colab notebook environment. This tool demonstrates rapid creation of science products anywhere in the world without the need to download and process the satellite data, click here>>

OEA Algorithm Hub

Seeking to close the gap between data and end-user, the OEA will work toward providing users with a centralized mechanism that facilities the use of compatible algorithms and software codes.

Analysis Hub

Seeking to close the gap between data and end-user, OEA will work toward providing users with a mechanism to leverage existing analysis and motivate collaboration between EO data users.

Business Team Research
OEA Knowledge Hub

OEA will seek to capture the knowledge gained through the development and deployment of open EO technology and will provide tools to leverage this knowledge.

Virtual Reality
OEA Visualization Framework

OEA leverages state of the art visualization technology to bring greater insight to your EO data.

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